Known as Raid, Nero, and/or Draugis, I’m just a casual fiction writer.  Twenty-three going on ninety-four, I have the spirit of a grumpy old man who really just wants kids to stay off of his lawn.  Pokemon Go home and Mario Run away, you damn kids.  The genres I like to write in the most are fantasy, western, and sometimes sci-fi.  I’m trying to become better at writing, so I welcome critique regarding word choice, style, and clarity.

I’m not comfortable writing with female characters, so a majority of my main characters/protags are male.  I’d like to change that, but it’s something I can only do with help.  Things that I desperately want to be checked and-or critiqued will be in the “Help Wanted” tag.

Thanks for checking out my silly writing blog, I hope you enjoy whatever content you decide to read!